Our dedication to client service and our transparent approach, make us one of the most respected TPA Management Firms in California.

Who We Are

George Hills is always learning, adapting and looking for new ways to provide the best solutions for our clients. We believe this is the only way to truly partner with our clients in their effort to manage risk. Every member of our team possesses the knowledge, ambition, and when necessary, the audacity to pursue this goal.

What makes us unique

A boutique organization by design, we provide customized services to meet your needs, not have you fit into our system.

We are entirely client focused, often treated as an extension of your staff rather than a contractor for service. Consequently, we give our clients the attention they deserve.

What makes us Knowledgeable

Throughout our nearly 70 years as a third-party administrator, George Hills has gained invaluable experience, and has led the way with public entities. We put forth substantial effort in recruiting, retaining, and training of employees, particularly for public entities. That is why we believe that George Hills is California’s leading public entity TPA.

What makes us A Leader

We’ve developed our own comprehensive and effective training program, George Hills Claims University (GHCU).

GHCU is managed through a Learning Management System and provides continuous matriculation for our current and future employees. Upon completion of the training courses and successfully passing the exam, individuals will be awarded a certificate and Public Entity Claims Professional (PECP) designation.

What makes us Advanced

Our Clients benefit from a customized Claims Management Information Systems and iMetrics reports which  provide unique process access and custom reporting.  Supported by client facing portal, which provides dashboards and secure online areas for file sharing and collaboration.

We have also developed a client facing portal, which provides dashboards and secure online areas for file sharing and collaboration.

What makes us Confident

We have a dedicated Subrogation Recovery Division with extensive experience in the public entity environment.

George Hills handles all 1st party subrogation matters for our clients who chose this service. We bring back millions of dollars for our clients.

What makes us Respected

We have two in-house attorneys that assist our clients and adjusting staff, applying their extensive public entity experience.

They work with city attorneys, county counsel and governing boards as needed. They also offer claims and litigation management training to JPAs, risk managers, adjusters, and other department personnel.