Litigation prevention is the best form of litigation management.

Our Approach

We believe that proactivity and early intervention comprise the basis of any good litigation management. Our team of experienced Senior Adjusters and our Legal Division works closely with our clients providing best practice litigation management guidance, support and services specifically tailored to their needs and in accordance with their policies and procedures.

George Hills’ Legal Division

George Hills is the only known California TPA with a Legal Division.  Our team consists of two in-house attorneys, and a JD on staff.  Our attorneys serve as Litigation Managers on the most severe and difficult claims/lawsuits, applying their extensive experience in managing outside counsel and advising our clients.  They actively work with city attorneys, county counsels, risk managers and boards.  In addition, they offer claims and litigation management training to our clients and other JPAs, risk managers, adjusters, and other personnel.

George Hills Claims University

Our one-of-a-kind PECP programs provide adjusters and claims processors the comprehensive training they need to succeed.