We provide tailored TPA and JPA service solutions to meet the unique strategic, operational and tactical needs of our clients.

What we do

George Hills specializes in Multi-Line Claims Administration and Risk Management for California public entities including cities, counties, education institutions, transit/rail authorities and other Joint Powers Authorities. Other markets include private companies, insurance carriers and OCIP/CCIP.

Customized Claims Administration

George Hills provides self-insured public and private entities, as well as insurance carriers, with independent multi-line claims administration services. This comprehensive, targeted service is specifically customized for our client’s specific goals.

Managing Claims Litigation Processes

George Hills does not simply process claims. Our adjusters are actively involved in managing the litigation of claims in order to reduce both the number of litigated claims and the total cost of those claims.

Better Investigations and Evaluations

In addition to providing investigative training and support, George Hills offers in-depth Subrogation Recovery, Employment Practices and Specialized Investigations (AOE/COE).

Advanced Subrogation Saving Money

George Hills aggressively seeks subrogation recovery opportunities for our clients. This division has a proven track record of success, returning money to our clients’ pockets.

Complete JPA Management Services

George Hills provides JPA formation, accreditation, documentation and management, as well as litigation management; liability and workers’ compensation claims oversight; officer, board and executive committee strategic counsel; and administrative support.

George Hills Claims University

Our one-of-a-kind PECP programs provide adjusters and claims processors the comprehensive training they need to succeed.