We focus on the strategic plan of your JPA, using proven business models, our expertise and the right resources at the right time … in the right way.

JPA Coaching/Consulting Services


  • Strategic and operational strategies to Officers, Boards and Executive Committees
  • Coaching for Executive Director – for the new director assisting in development or for the experienced director who appreciates an outside experienced resource for critical decision-making and new initiatives.
  • Coaching for the succession of deputy or assistant Executive Director, to assist with an effective and efficient transition upon retirement or other circumstance of the Executive Director.
  • Coaching for the management team to ensure clear, concise and complete staff reports and recommendations to the boards.  Specific financial consulting as a CPA and former auditor of JPAs’.


  • Creating and supporting the Operational and Strategic Plan – with achievable goals
  • Review of the Governing Documents and Policies
  • Communications and reporting to the board
  • The art of preparing a successful Agenda, effective Staff Reports, and accompanying reports
  • Review of operations and staffing
  • Assist in the learning of key financial objectives to achieve goals, as well as understanding the many complexities that are involved.
  • How to effectively evaluate the vendors of the JPA
  • Assistance with improving/enriching Board Relations
  • An independent assessment and input in addressing difficult strategies of the JPA, with the Board, members and staff. Such as non-compliance of members, merging with another pool, adding new members, and/or expansion of services to meet the expanding needs of the JPA.

The right resources at the right time

George Hills brings comprehensive contract resources, streamlined approaches and innovative solutions to member entities greatly reducing management time and costs, while increasing operational efficiency. At George Hills, experience meets resources.

Our 3D approach to JPA management

John E. Chaquica, CEO of George Hills, combined his management team’s talents and his own long-time industry expertise and leadership to provide JPA management services.

Using our 3D approach we help JPAs :

Define Challenges, Develop Solutions, Deliver Resources

George Hills Claims University

Our one-of-a-kind PECP programs provide adjusters and claims processors the comprehensive training they need to succeed.