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  • Business Interruption
  • Construction Defects
  • Emergency Operation Command Investigations
  • Employment Practice Investigations
  • Expert Witness
  • General Liability
  • George Hills Private Sector
  • Inland Marine
  • Inter-Company Arbitrations
  • Litigation Management
  • Products Liability
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  • Subrogation Recovery Investigations


Investigative Practice Area

George Hills offers Subrogation Recovery, Sub Rosa, Employment Practices and Specialized Investigations (AOE/COE).

During an investigation, nothing is more important to us than providing the highest standards of excellence and ethical business practices to our client. We gather necessary evidence and present it in the most useful, accurate and succinct format. We are known for our discreet, in-depth evaluations and documentation processes.

Our investigative service offerings include:

  • AOE / COE Investigations
  • Subrogation Recovery Investigations
  • Sub Rosa Investigations
  • Specialized Investigations
  • Employment Practice Liability (EPL) Investigations
  • Emergency Operation Command (EOC) Investigations
  • Investigation Training Programs
  • “Team Endeavor” Partner Program

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