A POWERFUL tip to improve your TPA claims management services

A Proactive Approach to Litigation Prevention and Management to Resolve Claims

George Hills Company combines more than 60 years of experience with innovative solutions to help clients effectively resolve claims through a proactive approach to litigation prevention and management. In the end, it saves money and reduces complexity. Plus, we provide detailed reporting to help clients spot trouble areas where claims arise and compare data with other public and private entities.

On the prevention side, we act quickly. We all know that those involved in a claim will “lawyer up” quickly and that starts everyone down a path of protracted litigation. The George Hills team reaches out with empathy to demonstrate that our clients are responsive to a fair and equitable resolution. This step can avoid litigation altogether.

Let George Hills go to Bat for You!

When it comes to litigation management, we essentially wrote the book on best practices. Our detailed guidelines help our clients create an efficient process leading to positive outcomes. “It’s a science and an art,” says John E. Chaquica, George Hills CEO. “Sometimes attorneys can run amuck, paper the world with endless documents and take way too much of your time. Our goal is proper planning with a defined strategy and budget for the claim.”

The George Hills team works with a variety of litigation scenarios. We work with defense counsels and inside counsels to develop strategies for the scope of work to be performed. We work with JPA’s and carriers when a claim becomes reportable to excess. Either way, we work “hand in glove” as a team.

Our Team is on Your Side!

Our value-added service combines knowledge and data. We know local judges and their propensity for the plaintiff or defendant side. We can track claims through a comprehensive Attorney Analysis Report. We benchmark types of claims by category, such as auto liability, civil rights, trip/fall, dangerous conditions and more. We also benchmark strategies, budgets, venues, outcomes, alternative dispute resolutions, trials and the use/cost of experts.

“Our goal is effective management of each claim, to reduce litigation costs and then apply metrics to manage litigation and reduce risks long into the future,” concluded Chaquica. “Call us and let us show you how our experience and capabilities can help you.”

 “Our team is ready to serve you by creating customized and successful solutions to meet your needs.”

John E. Chaquica, CPA, MBA, ARM
Chief Executive Officer

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