Have you seen your iMetrics report lately? If not, make sure to let your adjuster know so we can schedule a meeting to present you with your report.

iMetricsGeorge Hills developed its proprietary iMetrics reports five years ago. Since then we have found that preparing and presenting these reports on an annual basis is highly effective and provides a good Dashboard Report of our clients’ five year claims history. We work on your claims on a daily/monthly basis to protect your assets. In doing so, we communicate regularly and provide you with a myriad of standard reports. While that process is necessary and critical to the overall success of your risk management system, it is also critical to review results through a different lens.

iMetrics provide a historically broad perspective of your claims performance over the past five years. You can use these iMetrics reports to present data to management, identify cost drivers—by cause of loss and department—monitor performance and give insight on potential cost reductions. You can also customize iMetrics reports to target your specific needs.

We look forward to presenting iMetrics to you soon.