PARMA Bay Area Chapter invited George Hills to present at its most recent meeting, and the presentation was a hit. Mark “Trebek” Stone, a Senior Claims Adjuster from our Sacramento office, hosted a comical and informative game of Jeopardy with a risk management theme. Contestants from our Sacramento office included Randy Rendig, President, Claims Administration; Susan Legare, Business Development Manager; and Ned Dana, Proposal Writer/Marketing Assistant.

After the presentation, George Hills’ CEO John E. Chaquica took part in the PARMA golf tournament. George Hills sponsored the 10th hole of the tournament, where Ned and Susan provided snacks and refreshments for the competitors. People took selfies, played golf and enjoyed themselves. In the end, John’s team, which included Rick Brush, John Swain and Brian Kelly, won the tournament!

George Hills would like to thank PARMA for the opportunity to present at their Bay Area Chapter meeting. If any of George Hills clients would like a glossary of the common risk management-related terms, acronyms and slang used as questions for Mark’s Jeopardy-themed presentation, please contact Susan Legare at