Where Tradition Meets the Future

George Hills put his name on the door in 1954, starting a firm to revolutionize the claims administration service industry. With a focus on California public and private entities and insurance carriers, Mr. Hills identified problems with existing providers and created solutions to change the industry. He centered those services within a philosophy of personalized and attentive client relationships delivered by top of class dedicated resources. While Mr. Hills has passed on, his vision continues to shape the best practices of the entire industry, along with our team’s expertise,  advanced technology, new divisions and lines of service, and commitment to our clients.

California’s TPA and JPA Management Firm of Choice

Respect. It’s a result of keeping promises and delivering quality. We are in constant motion to improve, learn and adapt to innovations and new methodology to solve problems. This is foundation to our client services and being your partner to manage risk. Our entire team shares this vision to create the best TPA and JPA management firm in the industry.