George Hills put his name on the door in 1954, starting a firm to revolutionize the claims administration service industry. With a focus on California public and private entities and insurance carriers, Mr. Hills identified problems and issues with existing providers and created solutions to change the industry. He wrapped those services around a philosophy of total and attentive client relationships and support. While Mr. Hills has passed on, his philosophy continues with a team approach to advanced technology, new divisions, new service lines and shaping the best practices of the entire industry.


George Hills is always learning, adapting and looking for new ways to provide the best solutions for our clients. We believe this is the only way to truly partner with our clients in their effort to manage risk. Every member of our team possesses the knowledge, ambition, and when necessary, the audacity to pursue this goal. Our dedication to client service with a transparent approach, makes us one of the most respected TPA & JPA Management Firms in California.


George Hills’ Chief Executive Officer and sole owner, John E. Chaquica, CPA, MBA, ARM, is well known for his industry knowledge, team building and inspiring leadership. With over 30 years of experience in risk and JPA management, Mr. Chaquica applies a virtually unmatchable level of experience and talent to every problem. Before joining George Hills in 2008, he served as CEO of Bickmore Risk Services and was a Partner at Gilbert Accountancy Corporation. Under his guidance, George Hills continues to grow and cement itself as the preferred TPA of California public entities.

George Hills’ President, Claims Administration, Randy Rendig, RPA, CCLA is an established Liability Specialist in the public entity arena. Having worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, California Casualty and as George Hills’ Account Manager for the County of Sacramento, Mr. Rendig has decades of industry experience to benefit our clients.

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