At its core, George Hills has a set of values that shapes the way we conduct business and gives us direction, vision, purpose and a mission. Among these values is a desire to continuously improve—to remain at the forefront of client service results and technological innovation in our industry. In the spirit of improvement, we updated our look to better represent the company’s culture, growth and values.

The Logo


There were many design options for the new logo. It was only after much debate and deliberation that we made a decision. Illustrating George Hills’ strength and reliability, the new design conveys the exact message we wanted: creativity with respect for tradition. This message is evident in everything from the font and colors used in the logo to the new slogan.

The Colors

George Hills has traditionally used blue in our logo and branded materials. With that in mind, we chose to keep blue as the primary color – but changed it to an aged shade of blue to better represent the history of George Hills.

Using lime green as an accent to the blue was, in some respects, an easy decision. George Hills has always tried to give back to the community, particularly through those mental health organizations we feel have the chance to improve the quality of life of those in our society requiring the most assistance. We wanted to show our dedication to mental health awareness as well as our valued partnership with the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) in our new branding. Since lime green is the color of mental health awareness, it was the obvious choice to accent our initials in the new logo.

The Slogan

George Hills’ new slogan of “Our minds over your matters.” exemplifies our role in our partnerships with our clients. It’s a promise to put our best efforts and creative minds to use to provide solutions to our clients’ unique problems. It reflects our purpose statement and values while echoing our link to mental health awareness and CalMHSA. For further information regarding CalMHSA, visit their website.